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Digital Transformation, Project Management, Marketing, and Promotion

Do you want to implement a digital process, but you need someone to carry out this procedure from start to finish and help it find its way to its users in the right way?

You are in the right place!

Listening to your needs, we have expanded the scope of our services in collaboration with VistaPeak partners. From now on, we can implement every idea of yours from conception through the project to the finished product in the domain of introducing digital innovations and improving existing processes, products, and services in the company.


VistaPeak Team

Provides additional support to your team in all aspects of project management, digital business transformation, innovation adoption, and marketing.


VistaPeak Services

  • Analysis of existing processes, recommendations for implementing relevant technologies, and adapting business models in line with digital trends
  • Outsourcing project management: taking full or partial responsibility for project management from start to finish, ensuring efficient management thereof.
  • Outsourcing project management with a Go-To-Market approach: in addition to project management and its successful implementation, we also provide full support in launching your product to the market.

Depending on the needs of your company, VistaPeak provides services:

  • On a “turnkey” basis in the domain of analysis, project management, and marketing strategy for market positioning
  • Engagement of experts from individual business and marketing domains

Projects we would execute as examples of best practices in the field of management, implementation, and strategic market launch:

  • Implementation of digital wallets Apple and Google Pay (Visa, Mastercard)
  • End-to-end process automation in the core of the banking system for POS and E-commerce operations
  • Establishment of new standards with the implementation of POS devices such as SoftPOS and Android POS
  • Development and implementation of advanced card products Pioneering work on the introduction of new card systems – Issuing and Acquiring.

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