TIZI money transfer

Money transfer to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most favorable money transfer without hidden costs


The first domestic portal for easy, fast and affordable money transfers from abroad to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Funds are transferred using debit or credit payment cards

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Quick and easy

Money transfer is enabled from any of your devices in just a few minutes

Reliable and safe

Your personal data, as well as the data of your recipients, are protected and kept safe

On time

Immediate sending of remittances and collection of money

TIZI money transfer

Easy, fast and affordable money sending

The most favorable money transfer without hidden costs

  • No hidden costs or additional costs in exchange differences
  • There are no additional costs to the recipient

To money - fast and easy

  • After the payment, the Bank notifies the recipient by sending an SMS message
  • Funds are available within minutes
  • Sending money can be limited to a certain amount on a monthly basis

Receiving money

  • Money is available to the recipient in two ways:
    1. by direct payment to the recipient’s account at the Bank
    2. payment in cash at the nearest Bank counter
  • The recipient is paid exclusively in KM

How to transfer money through the TIZI portal?

(Example: TIZi system that is in production in Serbia)

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