Roll-call systems

The roll-call system is intended for larger institutions that have multiple services and serve a large number of clients every day. The system reduces crowds and forms a virtual queue, which organizes the reception and servicing of clients.

The operating principle of the system is based on the formation of queues according to the system of dispensing razors by pressing the desired option on the counter, thereby choosing the counter at which he should finish the job he came for. Then the machine throws out a slip with a serial number. Having received a ticket on which a serial number is assigned, the client can follow the sequence on the display at any time, so he does not have to stand in line, but can move freely and wait for his number to be displayed on the main display. The Q-Tronik system also has additional options such as the ability to make appointments. Also, during the operation of the system, complete statistics are obtained, which can significantly contribute to the work and help the management of the institution in monitoring the work of the service points.

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