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ARHIVO Electronic Office is a solution that allows users to easily manage paper and electronic input/output documentation, thereby achieving significant savings through the automated assignment of a business number, scanning, approval and archiving of documents, respecting the legal regulations on office operations. The ARCHIVE module Electronic Office provides simple and overview recording and distribution of received and issued paper and electronic input/output documents. The electronic office is a solution that is fully adapted to the client’s requirements. The goal of the implementation of this system is to maintain a single workbook with a significant shortening of the time required for submission, processing and delivery of requests, as well as providing significant savings in work. The electronic registry is an effective mechanism for tracking cases in all its stages – from receipt, approval, implementation to final archiving in paper and electronic format, with secure exchange of messages and data, as well as simple integration with other electronic systems of the organization.

The basic functionalities of the ARCHIVE Electronic Office are:

  • Keeping a journal – recording the receipt and distribution of paper and electronic mail
  • The possibility of recording mail from multiple locations in a single workbook
  • Assigning standard or 2D barcodes for automatic mail processing and tracking
  • Automated scanning of paper documents
  • Import and record of e-mail in the workbook (reception of e-mail complaints, invoices, etc.)
  • Possibility of automated forwarding of documents to users and assignment of tasks
  • Automated approval and execution of tasks
  • The possibility of exchanging documents
  • Versioning of existing documents in the system
  • Monitoring changes and additions to items with a quick and simple search for documents
  • Locking of documents that are in the process of being supplemented or changed by a certain user
  • Record and record of comments on documents
  • Resolution of cases and appeals
  • Assigning access rights to users only for certain types of documents
  • Access control and logging
  • Monitoring the paper flow of documents, which ensures integral management and archiving of documentation

Company EIM d.o.o. provides a complete service of implementing ARCHIVO Electronic Registry, as well as adjusting the system according to client requirements.

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