Electronic signature

The EIM Digital Portal Platform enables simple and automated signing of documents with electronic or qualified signatures through all system components. The digital platform supports: qualified electronic signatures, electronic signatures with Signotec signing solutions, biometric signatures with Signotec biometric devices, signing with OTP passwords (OTP system can be included on request), supports other smart mobile devices, generation of secure QR codes, qualified time stamps and Qualified signatures. All components are independent and have their own custom REST API.

A big advantage of the digital portal platform is that a different scenario can be used for each use case or document type. For some scenarios, only an electronic signature can be used, for another, an electronic signature and OTP, for a third, qualified signatures and a time stamp can be used. All scenarios are defined through workflow configuration for quick implementation of new document types. The digital platform has a tight integration with Open Text solutions. The system is a proven complete solution for qualified electronic signing, management of electronic documents and their long-term storage in accordance with the requirements of the Republic of Serbia and the EU.

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