Generic Modules

Generic Modules for Issuing and Acquiring

  • Fraud Detection and Monitoring Module (rule based, „near-real time“ or „real time“, simple or complex rules, single interface for both issuer and acquirer activities)
  • Merchant Processing Module (merchant fee calculation, merchant commission calculation, merchant payment processing, merchant reporting)
  • Dispute Management Module (full dispute lifecycle , single interface for both issuer and acquirer activities)
  • Main Processing Module:
    – processing of all financial transactions (collection of clearing files and supporting reports, processing of transactions from the bank’s acquiring network(s), processing of bank card transactions created in networks of other banks),
    – calculation of fees and charges,
    – update of account balances according to product parameters,
    – generation of data for General Ledger (preparation of posting files, generation of files for exchange with other banks)
    – generation of required reports and reviews.

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